Nechronicles:.. DEMOLITION is a brutalic and merciless, electro-amplified, death dealing congregation from the ever grinding sub-terranean realm of Los Angeles, California in the United States of America….. It is a congregation machinated by five ambitious musicians. Paul Gonzales (vocals/rhythm guitar), Mars (drums), Allen Muñoz (lead guitar), and Carlos Gonzalez (bass guitar) and Gus Silva (rhythm guitar) who have joined their souls as one to create a calcining maelstrom of intense, raw, and extremely pulverizing musical power. Absolute cataclysm on the Earth!!!…. In early 1986 the four original members of this band first got together to play punk oriented noise, trans-mutating eventually into a more macabre and heavier death metal sound as they underwent several member changes. DEMOLITION as they decided to call this outfit, then began stalking the local backyards of the L.A. area, thus amassing a horde of hard core following by crushing all in sight….. With a very strong foundation supporting the structure of the band, DEMOLITION began to progress from raping the rowdy backyard gigs of L.A. to haunting the club circuit of southern California. The first club to be razed by DEMOLITION’s swinging scythe were The Roxxy and Gazzarry’s in Hollywood. These venues which are known to the world as the capital of glitter glam rock were utterly brutalized under a ruthless siege, for DEMOLITION was the first death metal band to ever play there, and basically the last for a long period of time since they were banned from those venues….. DEMOLITION then went on to sodomize the Chexx Club, the Hollywood Live, Club Euphoria, and the Waters Club. These clubs were the few who dared support the L.A. underground movement as well as other major acts touring through Los Angeles. It was this string of headlining gigs and others as supporting act to bigger bands that gained legions of following for the mighty DEMOLITION which lead to finally headline the world famous Chuck Landis’ Country Club. A brutal performance in front of a nearly sold out crowd caused the Country Club to shut down….. Once again DEMOLITION was banned along with every other band of their kind from the Country Club. It was thus that DEMOLITION had become the grand inquisitors of the southern California underground scene….. After the release of the well accepted first demo in 1990, correspondence from supporting zines as well as other individuals world wide began to arrive at the band’s headquarters to acknowledge the power and potential of the band, for one thousand copies of “The Dominion” demo and 600 self printed t-shirts swiftly sold out in their entirety at the band’s live performances and across the world. It was clear that DEMOLITION stood as a force to be reckoned….. DEMOLITION has grown much since their early days from a buzz in southern California to a rumble across the world, yet their long awaited dawn of doom is yet to begin. Knocking at the gates of the underground halls of multi-brutal music is not this bands way of dealing with the scene….. Catapulting through the very fucking walls of the stronghold is more to their grim liking….. DEMOLITION is an abomination of the ultimate forces of obesity, and doom-spawned tormentous muerte grind!!!!…. May God have mercy on your souls………

  1. sure ok says:

    I know paul gonzales! it’s crazy, he told me bout his band and I always wondered how big they were back then. He’s a chill dude

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