Mars’ drum tracks near complete.

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Music

The Dungeon Studios:

Hey everybody. My drum tracks are coming along quite nicely. I wanted to thank Adrian Villanueva for the great job he’s doing in getting my drum sound where it belongs. Heavy, punchy and brutal. We did several takes of course, but that’s how it works. Technology now days can only work for the better. Horns up Adrian.

We began the session last weekend on the 4th of March onto the 6th. All drum tracks with two guitar scratch tracks to guide me through the tunes. We’ve done a total of 11 songs. I’ll complete my drumming duties this Saturday before we start with guitar sounds.

Thanks to Jackie, Jeanie and Big Rob for stopping by the past few days. Also Adrians brothers for saying hi. Great seeing them. Next up will be a few touch ups on the drum tracks with a punch in or two. Then, we’ll gear up the guitar sounds for their perspective tracks. This project will last well into the Summer.

Everyone, please hold on to your drinks. We’re going to do this right. Hang in there.


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